Our valuations – driven by data

Sree Vaishnavi Carrs combines market information and detailed car evaluations to determine the most appropriate pricing for used cars. We use data from thousands of sales in the market and our rigorous 200-point inspection for each car to generate fair prices for our customers. Our Star Engine is constantly updated to accurately reflect current market trends within the industry.

Fixed price – confidence in our valuation

At Sree Vaishnavi Carrs, we believe that a price should not be subject to negotiation. That’s why our registered partners offer the same price for every Sree Vaishnavi Carrs they evaluate. This allows us to assure the worth of each car, while also giving our customers savings off the original price in their first interaction with us.

Pricing in tune with market numbers

The market sentiment and consumer reaction to the launch of a car or new model can play an integral role in determining the demand and supply, as well as the market worth. In order to effectively track these changes, Sree Vaishnavi Carrs provides up-to-date information regarding new car launches and consumer response.

We know quality. That’s how we arrive at a fixed, fair price.

Determining the worth of a car requires closer scrutiny, and our 200-point inspection ensures accuracy in pricing. We are committed to providing a trustworthy evaluation of your car, by closely examining every aspect before proclaiming its value. Our focus on determining quality results in reliable and dependable pricing for cars.